West Wind Farm
Grassy Meadows, WV

In 13 years of farming and marketing, Martha has learned that managed rotational grazing of cattle on organic pastures has many benefits, including: healthy soil; healthy grass and clover; healthy animals; healthy meat for consumers; healthy environment for animals, farm family, and neighborhood.

Since retirement from farming and marketing at age 86, Martha has focused on a broader range of environmental and climate benefits. Most significant are:

  1. Organic grassfed beef production creates far fewer GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions than conventional/feedlot beef production.
  2. Skilled management of cattle on grass can draw CO2 (carbon dioxide) down from the atmosphere and deposit it in pastures as (SOC) soil organic carbon.

For her new website, Martha has chosen the term "grasspower" to emphasize that a very common plant, if well managed, can produce important benefits for Earth's climate. We invite you to visit our new website. There you will find a descriptive power point entitled, "Grass Power and Climate Change."